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The School of Humanities and Law at North China University of Technology has six departments:

The Department of Law, English, Japanese, Chinese, Advertising, and Public English. Through these departments bachelor’s degrees are issued for the following seven programs:

The School of Humanities and Law also confers master’s degrees in two programs: Law, and Foreign Language and Literature. This department also maintains an impressive multi-media center to further students’ education.

These combined departments are backed by 123 diverse faculty members. From among the faculty49 percent are full-timeprofessors or associate professors, and90 percent possess doctorate or master’s leveldegrees. Currently, there are 2063 undergraduates and master’s degree candidates.

The School of Humanities and Law has achieved significant breakthroughs in academic research. Teaching faculties have received recognition for research directed in two major areas; the first focuses on the Beijing-Tianjing-Hebei regional integration, and the second targets national economic and social development. These and other areas of research have yielded fruitful results through tireless efforts to advance the common good. Over the past five years, scientific research funding has surpassed 13 million yuan, which is being channeled into more than 40 national and provincial level projects.

Extracurricular activities abound within the School of Humanities and Law. Students are encouraged to explore diverse avenues of learning experiences…developing their competence as well as their confidence. Organized extracurricular activities provide opportunities to expand untapped talents, striving for well-rounded collegians. Awards and honors are bestowed for various activities such as moot court exercises, debate competitions, story-telling events, poetry society activities, speech contests, English dramatic performances and other regional, national, and international competitions.

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